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Privacy Policy

At PlanDesign Services, Inc. (PDS), we understand that your privacy is important to you and are dedicated to protecting our customers privacy on the Internet. Below is an overview of how PDS handles the information we receive from you via the Website. Also, please note that PDS's business practices are in compliance with the privacy requirements under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

ABS defines confidential personal information as any information that identifies you — such as your name, contact information, birth date and health history — and have taken precautionary measures to ensure such information received from you online is as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use. While we do NOT sell or rent any personal information to third parties, it may be necessary for PDS to share such information with external partners, primarily insurance companies, in order to respond to inquiries and to provide the most effective services to our customers. Our external partners may only use information provided to them for the specified use and project.

ABS may also disclose confidential personal information to government officials or others if we are legally bound. In addition, we may disclose such information in emergency situations if state and federal regulations permit us to do so.

ABS may provide links to third party Websites. Since we do not control in any respect the information on these third party sites, PDS cannot guarantee that linked sites have the same privacy practices. Therefore, PDS in no way will assume any responsibility for third party sites. Be sure to read the privacy policies on linked third party sites once you leave the Website.

Please note that an e-mail message can be accessed or viewed by other Internet users while in transit and is not a completely secure and confidential means of communication. Please do not send personal information to us via e-mail unless you do so through a secure channel. PDS is in no way responsible for the information sent to us via e-mail while it is in transit. Additionally, PDS may send our customers e-mail communications on the following topics: general health benefits, Website updates and health issues.

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