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1) What is a PPO?
A PPO is a Preferred Provider Organization. It is a network of doctors and hospitals that members must use to qualify for the highest level of benefits. You may go outside your health insurance provider's PPO network for services, but the benefit level is reduced.

2) What is a deductible?
A deductible is the amount of annual medical expenses that a health insurance plan member must pay before the health insurance plan will begin to cover expenses. Most North Carolina health insurance plans offer several choices of plan deductibles.

3) What is an HSA?
An HSA is a Health Savings Account. It is a tax-advantaged personal savings account used in conjunction with a qualified high-deductible health insurance plan. Individuals can contribute money to this account on a pre-tax basis to set aside money for qualified medical expenses. For more information about HSAs, ask your PlanDesign Services Health Care Consultant.

4) Can I go to any doctor I want to?
Yes, however, if your individual health insurance is a PPO plan, your benefit level will be higher if you visit doctors who participate in your plan's network. The easiest way to find out if your doctor is in the network is to contact your Health Care Consultant.

5) Does my health insurance plan cover the delivery of my baby?
No, unless the maternity rider is purchased. This rider is available with some individual health insurance plans at the time of enrollment for an additional premium. The applicant seeking maternity coverage cannot be pregnant at the time coverage is sought.

6) Once my child is born, can I add him/her to my policy?
Yes. You can add newborn children to your existing health insurance plan for an additional premium. The addition must be done within certain time limits depending on your carrier. Ask your Health Care Consultant for details.

7) Is an annual physical covered by my health insurance plan?
An annual physical may or may not be covered by your health insurance plan depending on which carrier you have selected. Ask your Health Care Consultant for details on your coverage.

8) I have some health problems. Will my health insurance plan cover those?
If you are offered coverage by a health insurance provider, any current health problems may be subject to exclusion and/or a waiting period before being covered. Ask your Health Care Consultant for details on your coverage.

9) Is Dental Insurance included in my health insurance quote?
No. Dental Insurance is available, but is not included in your health insurance quote. Dental discount services are also available. Ask your PlanDesign Services Health Care Consultant for details about dental options.

10) My husband is 66 and is on Medicare. Does he need any additional coverage?
You may want to take a look at Medicare Supplement insurance. This supplemental policy covers some expenses not covered by Medicare. Alternative Benefit Solutions is an authorized Medicare Supplement Insurance provider.

11) If I move out of state, will I need to change my health insurance carrier?
Maybe. Your individual heath insurance coverage may be portable from one job to another. However, geographic limitations do exist, so if you move from one state to another a change may be necessary.

12) I have health insurance coverage at work, but the cost to add my wife and two kids to the plan is very high. Can they have their own individual plan?
Yes. Your family can be covered by an individual health insurance plan even though you are covered under a group plan at work. In fact, your children may own their own health insurance plan without having coverage on either of the parents.



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